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From Genesis to Golf

In the 70s and 80s - as a marketing & promotion executive for Polygram Records in mainland Europe - I helped building the careers of artists like Rod Stewart & The Faces, Black Sabbath, Status Quo, Elton John, Dire Straits and Genesis to name just a few.

Spending countless hours on planes and tour buses, as well as in recording- and television studios, concert halls and backstage-areas of famous (and infamous) pop festivals, music and entertainment were my supreme passions.

Towards the end of the 80s, I took leave of absence from the sometimes rather tiring music industry and returned to Indonesia, the country of my birth. After I was introduced to golf on Ibiza by Chas Pete, a golf-mad UK record producer friend of mine, it was here, in Indonesia, that I seriously began to play golf.

From Genesis to Golf…., and since that faithful day I’ve never looked back.

As an avid golfer, and over a period of nearly three decades, I have traveled the world extensively and played golf on most continents. I visited exciting and interesting countries and played some fabulous courses in the process.

In the past two decades I have seen Indonesia Golf grow from some 50 courses in the early nineties, to over 160 courses today, of which I played at least 120. Here at home, in Indonesia, golf truly became my new passion.

In 1998, I decided to dedicate my time solely to promoting Indonesia's fabulous world of golf & leisure by telling fellow golfers around the world about the beauty of golfing in Indonesia. For that reason I started GOLF PROMO INDONESIA (GPI).

Long before others in Indonesia and Asia even begun to imagine the potential for golf tourism, I started in 1998 the website www.indogolf.com, the most comprehensive global source of information on anything golf in Indonesia.

Nearly two decades later, Indonesia is finally recognized as a golf destination of global importance and standing, as well as a golf holiday destination that offers a lot more than just a 4-hour round of golf, hence my slogan: “Welcome to Indonesia, where golf is only the beginning”.

Dennis G. Kloeth

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Why Play Golf in Indonesia?

Because the Indonesian people truly are among the most hospitable, warm and joyful in the world. They are truly born to smile.

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In Indonesia, the words “hospitality”, “personal attention” and “service” are redefined and it is here that one can re-discover the true meaning of (golf) holidaying. And mainly, because here, you are surrounded by people that truly care about your well-being and happiness; on, as well as off the course.

All of the above is what puts Indonesia on par with only the best golf destinations in the world. Stay & play golf in Indonesia truly is in a league all its own. Take that from a guy that has played golf the world over.

This website is your “first tee” to an unforgettable Indonesia golf experience. Rest assured that we all go the extra mile in trying to give new meaning to your well-earned annual golfing holiday.

Until we meet…., or as we say in Indonesia; Sampai jumpah!

Because Indonesia's golf courses are as beautiful and challenging, as the ones in your own country or the ones that you have played in any given popular golf destination in the world.

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Over the past three decades I have played golf in all corners of the world. From Europe and Africa to the Americas and the Caribbean, and from South East Asia to Austral-Asia, all of it was a wonderful experience and something that one would expect when going on a golfing holiday.

In all fairness, each and every country has its own fair share of fabulous courses. And to be honest, among the courses that I have played worldwide, there was not one that wasn’t pretty and beautiful or enchanting and challenging.

Because with weekday green fee rates of between 50 and 70 US Dollars on the country's finest courses, Indonesia's golf courses are incredibly affordable.

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In Indonesia, not only can you play courses that are equally beautiful and challenging as the ones in your own country, but here, you can play them for half the price or even less.

In certain countries I had to fork-out a small fortune to either get on a particular course, or simply for staying at an on-course hotel.

I actually would have loved to play certain courses twice. But, once you have paid between 200 to 250 US dollars for a round of golf, you don’t easily make a decision to go for a second round the next day, would you? And especially not, when you are with two….!

Finally this; playing golf accompanied by a knowledgeable and charming female caddie all comes within the price.

Because in Indonesia you always play golf accompanied by (mostly) a female caddie who understands English and knows every blade of grass and every danger zone on the course that you play. Moreover, they will give you a read on a putt that may well secure your par or birdie.

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During my many golf holidays I had absolutely no complaints about the golf.

Often, though, my only complaint (or problem if you will) had to do with the fact that I had to find my own way during a maiden round on a course that I wasn’t familiar with.

In order to avoid major mistakes, I had no caddie or local expert to consult. Hence, from tee to green, lots of valuable strokes had gone lost. And it surely inflated my final score.

In Indonesia you will always play accompanied by a (female) caddie. Not only will she guide you in playing a course as well as you could possibly do, but most of all, she will make your round of golf an enjoyable and most memorable one.

Because “après golf” in Indonesia can be combined perfectly with sightseeing and art and culture. In short, it can be as fun and exciting as you want it to be.

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I am a guy that loves the après golf. I love to take-in the “Couleur locale”?
I am always interested in knowing what interesting places I could visit once I have made my final putt.

In Vegas - and surely at the expense of loosing quite some money to the-one-armed-bandit - I had no trouble finding off-the-course entertainment. My next option was to drive to Hoover Dam. But other than lots of sand, that…, was about it!

In France, I visited some fantastic wineries. I enjoyed and bought some fabulous pretty expensive wines before returning to my 200++US dollar-a-night room at a genuine French chateau or at a Mediterranean sea-side resort hotel. But let’s be honest, how many times a year can you afford to live the life of a millionaire?

In the Caribbean I’ve learned how to sensually move to the sound of the Samba, the Cha-cha-cha and the Meringue, earning me props from the ladies back home upon my return. But other than that and the beach, there wasn’t much to learn about the country and its culture for that matter.

In Indonesia, I can honestly say, I was pleasantly surprised with what I encountered, on, and off the course. Here, golfers may find a genuine treasure trove of unique experiences, on, and off the course.

From ancient temples and colonial era buildings and tea plantations, to 21st Century architecture shopping malls and local and indigenous houses where one can take-in the art and culture and the richness and diversity of the people that call Indonesia - the world’s largest archipelago - home. Above, as well as below the oceans and seas, Indonesia never ceases to amaze!

By indulging in the “Couleur locale” one can truly learn something about Indonesia and its people and take home unforgettable impressions and a (golf) bag full of colorful memories.

It is here too, that you can spend a full day at a rejuvenating Spa and feel like a “King” or “Queen” for a fraction of the price you’d normally have to fork-out back home.

Welcome to Indonesia, where golf is only the beginning.

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