Off The Beaten Track Golf Destinations

Indonesia has some pretty awesome ‘off-the-beaten-track’ golf destinations that may well attract golfers who are looking for somewhat different locations than the average ‘run-of-the-mill’ golf destination.

Especially in Sumatera, South Sulawesi and Papua, golfers can play courses that are located in places that are rare and remote and where golf can be combined with visiting tourism destinations that are totally out of the ordinary.

In Sumatera, in and around the cities of Medan, Padang, Pekanbaru and Palembang, golfers will find some fine golf courses to play. While in Sumatera, golfers can visit Lake Toba for instance. At over 1.145 square kilometers and with a depth of over 400 meters it is one of the world’s largest lakes. It inhabits the island of Joe Williams Jersey Samosir, almost Joe Williams Authentic Jersey the size of Singapore that is easily spotted from space.

In South Sulawesi golfers can undertake a trip to Tana Toraja (Toraja Land), where a more than breathtaking and exciting mountainous landscape awaits, Joe Williams Womens Jersey and where the indigenous Toraja people entomb their dead in cave graves in steep cliffs where they are guarded by life size wooden effigies called tau tau.

In Papua, golfers can play the fabulous jungle course of Rimba Irian that sits amidst an imposing rainforest and that features fig trees of over 100 meters in height. Playing golf right in the middle of genuine jungle is not for the fainthearted, as the jungle teems with wildlife rarely seen in the “western” world. The course is owned by the Freeport mining company that is digging for gold and copper in the world’s largest gold, and third largest copper Joe Williams Youth Jersey mine way up the Carstensz Mountain, at 4.884 meter one of the Seven Summits, being the highest mountain on the Australian continental shelf.

Golfers can also explore the incredible diving sites at Raja Ampat, hands down the world’s most exciting and breathtaking diving destination to which divers travel from all corners of the world. It’s all there for you to discover.

Golf off the beaten track in Indonesia offers ‘adventurous’ golfers Joe Williams Kids Jersey a lot more than the usual game of golf and the usual excursion after your game of golf, so come and try your hand on something totally different.

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