Semarang Art & Culture


The city’s Chinese heritage is still present alongside the Semarang River and predominantly near the end of Jalan Pekojan.

On the banks Garry Gilliam Jersey of Garry Gilliam Authentic Jersey the river you can see the traditional ‘Nanyang‘ houses. Right behind these houses you will find the Tay Kak Sie temple, Indonesia’s largest Chinese house of worship.

Semarang’s most famous tourist spot is the Gedung Batu temple, dating back to the Garry Gilliam Womens Jersey 15th century. It is said that in the early part of that century, Admiral Zheng He, a Ming Dynasty explorer, landed at the mouth of the Semarang River to meditate all night in a cave located near where the temple currently stands. Given the fact that Zheng He was a Muslim, Javanese Muslims and Chinese worshipers alike, visit the temple every year.


In Semarang, remnants of the so-called Indo-European architecture are plentiful, and one of the most interesting buildings from that era is the former headquarters of the Dutch East Indies Railway Company. Today, this impressive structure is better known as Lawang Sewu (thousand doors) referring to its numerous doors and windows.


Southwest of Semarang you can visit the Dieng Plateau, where you can see remains of some of the oldest temples in Central Java, eight of them to be exact. They are all that is left of the 400 temples that once were erected in the area during the second half of the 7th and 8th century. A trip to Dieng Plateau is a day trip. Garry Gilliam Youth Jersey Your hotel reception desk surely can give you all information as to how and where to book that trip.


All in all, Semarang is a typical Indonesian provincial city that truly has its Garry Gilliam Kids Jersey own charm.

In the hilly district of Ungaran, brilliant pictures of sawahs (rice paddies), and farmers and oxes at work can be taken. This part of Central Java serves as the main hub for the rice cultivation on the isle of Java.

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