Semarang Golf Destination

The city of Semarang sits on the northern seaboard of Central Java.
More ‘Chinese’ than any other city in Indonesia, Semarang was turned into an important port of trade in the 15th century by Zheng Ho, the emissary of the Chinese Emperor who set foot on the exact spot that is now occupied by the famous Gedung Batu (Stone Building) temple. Because of its role as a Elvis Dumervil Jersey trading port, Semarang truly is a melting pot of Chinese, Indian, Arab and European cultures.
The many historic buildings that dot the city, are testament to a rich cultural footprint that resembles that of Batavia, the historical city that is now remaned Jakarta.
Semarang is wedged between Elvis Dumervil Authentic Jersey the two important Batik centers of Pekalongan in the west and Yogyakarta in the south. Batik is Indonesia’s traditional textile that is produced based on ancient color dying techniques.
Semarang’s northern coastline stretches along a series of hills that drop down to flat land that is water- and dike-rich and similar to a Dutch polder. South of the city’s center, beyond hills that overlook the city, Semarang offers fertile and green lands with rice paddies that sit at the foothills of many impressive mountains and volcanoes. The mountainous district of Ungaran is the gateway to important historic cities such as Solo (Surakarta) and Yogyakarta. Semarang city center is a shoppers and foodies heaven.
In Semarang golfers can play two 18-hole courses – the course of the Gombel Golf Semarang golf club and the Manyaran Golf Club layout that currently (2015) is under complete renovation. The Manyaran Golf Club is slated to re-open somewhere in the second part of 2016.
A 9-hole layout that goes by the name of Graha Candi Golf Club Elvis Dumervil Womens Jersey is located at the residential area of the same name. Because of the hilly terrain this course is Elvis Dumervil Youth Jersey home to many very steep up- or downhill holes and is therefore traversed not in common golf carts, but in small pickup trucks that are converted into golf Elvis Dumervil Kids Jersey cart-like vehicles.

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