In January of 2007, Mr. Thorleif Egeli send us an email and requested us to put together a golf trip came to Jakarta and Bali with his group of 12 colleagues to play their so called Indonesia Golf Challenge, a bi-annual event among friends and former work mates. In the meantime Thorleif and his group are genuine regulars and their 2011 event is ready to roll.

This is what Thorleif wrote after the first event in 2007. In the meantime Thorleif and his group returned to Indonesia for the 2009 edition of their tour and by now have booked already for 2011.


I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for a fantastically organised trip and for all the efforts you put into it including participating on the trip yourself. All of us were very impressed with the organisation and all the details you took care of.

As you are well aware, with 12 people participating there are always some things that change or some needs that must be taken care of. You did this in an excellent way. For myself, it meant I could sit back and relax…a big change from 2 years ago.

The lottery of one of your drawings was also a very nice gift from you and appreciated by the team and the drawing of myself with the cigar will be a lasting memory from our trip and highly appreciated. I will put it in the cigar room in my next house.

Once again, thanks a lot for everything and I really hope we can use your services again in the future.

If you are ever in Europe, please let me know and we could maybe catch up for a game. If you are in Spain during the summer, I have a small house on a golf course outside Torrevieja and you are very welcome touse it. It is free every year from May 1st to Sept 1st apart from a couple of weeks I use it myself.

All the best to you and your family.




Mr. Jorgen Berg was part of what we call the “Thorleif Egeli” group of 12 golfers that came to Indonesia (Bali) in April of 2007. As Jorgen was amazed with the quality of stay & play he decided to come back with his family. In May 2007 we started to prepare for his trip (14 to 24 October) that included a nanny for the three kids (aged 6, 10 and 11) on each of the 7 days that Jorgen and his wife were playing golf. In the meantime the Berg family returned to Bali twice and by request of the kids we arranged for the same nanny on both occasions.

This is what Jorgen Dion Jordan Jersey wrote on 31 October, 2007 and after their first trip to Bali.

 Hi Dennis,

Thank you for arranging an absolutely fantastic holiday for us and the children. Everything was just perfect and really well arranged. It couldn’t have been better.

It was lovely to catch up with you too.

We definitely have plans to do the same again next year, so we will be in contact with you some time next year to arrange it again for us.

In the meantime, take care and send our regards to Elsie, and enjoy your new house!

Best wishes

Jorgen and Tamsyn.



On December 5th, we received an email from Peter & Joyce Tang from Singapore. Avid golf travelers, they had never played golf in Indonesia and so they requested us to put together a 5-day golf trip in Jakarta. Here is what they wrote on 11 December, 2008, the day after they arrived back home.

Dear Dennis,

Received your CD today, thank you for the wonderful pictures!

We had a fantastic time, you have provided us a lot Dion Jordan Authentic Jersey more than what we expected…challenging golf courses, beautiful mountain views, sight, sound & “smells” of the scenic route you’ve taken us on, a taste of local durians but most of all, you and Elsie are great company, so warm and genuine.

It’s just a few days but we felt like we’ve known you guys for a long time, you made us feel very comfortable. This trip is definitely one of the best golfing holidays we have had and I am sure we will be going back for more….

Trust your trip to Vietnam has started off smoothly and wish you success in achieving the objectives you have set out for the visit. Your return flight will take you via Singapore, why don’t both you and Elsie stopover for a day or two, we would love catch up with you guys and take you out for dinner. Let us know?

Kind regards,

Joyce & Peter Tang

Before the year was over and on December 12, 2008, we received a second email from Peter and Joyce and this is what they wrote;

Hi Dennis,

Would you believe it, we have already booked our air tickets for Jakarta. This time we are three as Susan, my sister-in-law, will be coming along after looking at those lovely pictures you took at Rainbow Hills. We will be in Jakarta on X’mas eve till 30th Dec and is leaving our hotel and golf arrangements to you.


A hug for Elsie on our behalf and enjoy your stay in HCMC.


Peter and Joyce Tang are now Jakarta Golf regulars and in the past year they also have experienced golf in other parts of Indonesia.



On the 26th of May 2010, we received an email from Jim and Gerda Fletcher from Miami. As part of their trip around the world, they requested for a Jakarta-Bali overland trip that included golf. Our email communication culminated in a fifteen (15) day tour that brought them from Jakarta to Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya all the way to Bali and playing 6 rounds of golf in the process.

Here is what Gerda wrote;

4 September, 2010. Hello Dennis and Elsie,

Just a quick hello and thank you both for making our visit to Indonesia a most memorable experience.  We could Dion Jordan Womens Jersey not have done it without you, and I am certain it would not have been as much fun or meaningful without your friendship.  Please extend my gratitude to all your agents who were kind and helpful to us in any way they could.

When we Dion Jordan Youth Jersey landed in Miami, Jim went home to Key Largo and I went to Vero Beach to visit the grandchildren. Jim and I met at the airport in Fort Lauderdale and flew to West Virginia.  So, I have not been home to download all my pictures.  I am anxious to share them with you.

Again, heartfelt thanks to you two.



Following is an excerpt of an email Gerda had sent us on 26 October, 2010, after she’d received the FedEx shipment with Bali souvenirs that she had asked us to take care of.

At any rate, I am excited to share our Indonesian experience with our friends in Key Largo. I am particularly excited to introduce them to IndoGolf and show them pictures of Jagorawi Golf Course, you and Elsie.  Perhaps once season gets into swing and Ocean Reef Club is happening, I can give a formal presentation of our Java / Bali trip, sort of a slide show tour on the big screen at Dion Jordan Kids Jersey the Cultural Center.  For that, your professional photos would be far more superior to my “anybody can point and shoot dig-idiotal shots”.  However inferior, I love them anyway.  They freeze a memory frame.

I had such a great time.

Thank you both for making it special

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