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Indonesia is divided into 3 timezones.

  • WIB (Western Indonesia Time, GMT+7) is used in all of Sumatera and Java, as well as West- and Central Kalimantan provinces.
  • WITA (Central Indonesia TIme, GMT+8) is used in South- and East Kalimantan provinces, Bali, Sulawesi, and East- and West Nusatenggara provinces.
  • WIT (East Indonesia Time, GMT+9) is used in Maluku and Papua.


Indonesia is using a 220VAC electricity grid system. Most common are the C (‘Europlug’) and F (‘Schuko’) type outlets. Adaptors are usually available
from your hotel or can be bought in Jake Ryan Jersey stores.

Jake Ryan Kids Jersey class=”section-custom-h3″>Communications

If you need to stay in touch with family of friends (or your boss) at home, you may want to consider buying a local SIM card (and phone).

Best coverage is provided by the three largest operators, Telkomsel, Indosat and XL. Using their VOIP access codes for Jake Ryan Womens Jersey international calls will save you 80%-90% on standard rates, and probably more on roaming charges when you use your home number. Data bundles can be bought for as little as approx. US$0.50 daily or US$10 monthly.

To call home dial the access code (01017 for Telkomsel, 01016 for Indosat, 01000 for XL), followed by counrty code and area/subscriber number (e.g. 0101712125551234 to call to the US Jake Ryan Youth Jersey with a Telkomsel number).

Larger hotels will have (WIFI) internet access, but may charge for this. More and more cafes and restaurants offer free WIFI service to customers.

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