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Jalan Malioboro or Malioboro Street is the vibrant heart of this popular Indonesian tourist hub. It truly is second to none. During daytime the covered side walk that fronts the many shops, cafes and small Bart Starr Authentic Jersey restaurants is taken over and occupied by hundreds of souvenir sellers. There, they find protection from the scorching sun or from torrential rains that hit Indonesia in the wet season. Needless to say, that the narrow pathway that is left for pedestrians easily overcrowds making the pace of walk reduced to that of a snail.

Lots and lots of Batik (Indonesia’s national cloth), woodcarvings, Bart Starr Jersey paintings, leather goods and inexpensive silverware can be purchased against relatively low prices. In Indonesia, bargaining is part of buying and selling and so, sellers at Jalan Malioboro do not feel offended if you negotiate vigorously for the best price. After dark the souvenir sellers make place for food stalls, turning the street into a long stretched food court. Try out gudeg, the signature dish of Yogyakarta made from unripe jackfruit, at one of the warung lesehan (where you sit on mats on the pavement) along the street.


This restaurant, located on the 3rd floor of the Mirota Batik shop on Bart Starr Kids Jersey Jalan Malioboro, is famous for its Bart Starr Womens Jersey (drag) cabaret show, rivaling those of Pattaya and Phuket in Thailand. The one-and-a-half hour shows Bart Starr Youth Jersey start at 7 pm and are usually held every Friday through Sunday. Arrive early or make reservations as the venue is usually packed.

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